No Other Way Out

It's about the journey of learning to find the beauty in everyday life. About the little things, we might not notice in the daily routine. About the highs and lows of life that make it worth living. Because after all the bruises, laughs, tears, experiences and failures, in the end there is indeed No Other Way Out. So we might as well enjoy it.

Released 9 June, 2018

Amid Opposites

Earth is full of opposites - should it be day and night, light and dark, good and bad - one cannot exist without the other. But then, in the midst of the paradox, there is a man - constantly creating, designing, affecting everything in his way...

Released 18 March, 2016


Appetizer creates a desire for more. To promote appetite for music and to create a desire to have a neat meal out of it, we called our EP album “Appetizer”.

Released 22 March, 2014

Marija Broča - leadvocal

Pēteris Narubins - guitar, mandolin, harmonica and vocal

Monta Kurme - backvocal

Inese Bērziņa - piano and backvocal

Toms Valmiers - double bass, contrabass

Artūrs Strautmanis - drums

Benny Zeltkalis - alto saxophone

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